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Cheese Balls Anyone?
March 29, 2011

Theme Party Queen
Hello Again!

Since our last newsletter, we attended a 50th birthday celebration, a St. Patricks party and visited our daughter at college. It's hard to believe she is already graduating at the end of April! Seems like she just started.

During these events I tasted several new cocktails and food items of which I took pictures and plan to upload to the website. I already uploaded the first recipe which is so unusual and perfect for all types of parties. It only has 5 ingredients.

This recipe definitely needs a better name though. For now I am calling them "Cheese Balls" but if you think of something better, please comment below the recipe.

My friend Stacey got this recipe from her Mom who used to make them all the time for parties and we were lucky enough to taste them when we visited my daughter.

There is a surprise ingredient in the middle of the cheesy outer crust which gives an unexpected punch of flavor. I have never seen this recipe among my dozens of cookbooks so I really wanted to pass this on to you because it is so different, at least to me. Hope you like it.

Cheese Ball Recipe

Stay tuned for more easy party recipes and photos.

NCAA Basketball Tournament

The final four teams (Virginia Commonwealth University against Butler and UConn against Kentucky) will be playing this Saturday for a chance to go to the championship game on Monday. Get some last minute appetizer ideas by visiting our Basketball Parties page. Or try the cheese ball recipe above!

Until Next Time,

Sandee Lembke

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