Olive Appetizer

by Sandee

Cheddar Olive Poppers

Cheddar Olive Poppers

Tried this olive appetizer recipe last weekend and knew right away that this would make great Bunco food! We call this recipe "Cheese Balls" but I think it needs a better name so people don't confuse it with the other kind of cheese balls, the kind that usually has cream cheese, cheddar, onion or other ingredients then rolled in nuts and serve with crackers.

These cheese balls are NOT that. They are perfect little cheese bites with a surprise in the middle!

1 stick butter, softened
1 cup flour
2 cups finely shredded cheese
1 tsp paprika
24 green olives with pimentos

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Mix together butter, flour, cheese and paprika until it forms a dough. You can substitute seasoned salt for the paprika but I'd use 1/4 teaspoon instead.

Sharp cheddar really complements the olives but you can use any cheese that is finely shredded.

Roll dough into balls about 1-1/2 inch in diameter. Press an olive into each and wrap dough around so olive is completely concealed in the middle.

Place olive balls on cookie sheet and bake for 15 minutes or until lightly browned. Good warm or cold.

This olive appetizer is easy to make and easy to eat. The cheese does not make the appetizer messy, just gives it a nice smokey flavor. Enjoy!

Got a name idea? This recipe could really use a new name. Leave a comment with your suggestion.

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Sep 16, 2015
by: Tom

Yami! It looks so tasty. they are everywhere at every bar I have been! bestessays.com review

Jun 28, 2015
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by: Samaraa

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Jun 22, 2015
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Jan 21, 2013
Olive Tarts NEW
by: Carrie

We consider this an old family recipe! They've always been known to us as Olive Tarts.

Jul 04, 2012
Name the Olive Appetizer
by: Heather

I have been making these for years! Everyone loves them! My mom taught me how. They have a name.... they are called "Olive Puffs".

My mom also taught me this trick: use up any leftover cheese dough by rolling into long, flat strips, twist them & bake them. Yummy Cheese Breadsticks!

Apr 06, 2011
Olive Appetizer Name
by: Anonymous

How about: Cheesy Olive Bites

TPQ Comment:This name works well too. Thanks for submitting.

Mar 30, 2011
Recipe Name Suggestion
by: Colleen

What about "Cheese & Olive BonBons"

TPQ Comment: Another good one Colleen. I like the bon-bon term because it immediately brings to mind small bites. Thanks!

Mar 29, 2011
Cheese Balls
by: Karen Kessen

I used to make these years ago. I got the recipe from my mother in law. They are delicious and so easy to make. They also freeze well. I haven't thought about them for years. I will have to make them again.

TPQ Comment: I hadn't thought about freezing them but that idea takes these to a whole new level. You could make dozens ahead of time and them just pop them in the oven. My friend Stacey's Mom actually freezes them overnight before baking I guess so they keep their shape. We didn't do that and they were still fine so it isn't necessary but it's nice to know they freeze well. Thanks Karen.

Mar 29, 2011
New Name for Olive Appetizer
by: Anonymous

How about: Cheddar Olive Poppers

TPQ Comment:Cheddar Olive Poppers...I like it!

Mar 29, 2011
app name
by: Janelle

Olive YOU surprise

TPQ Comment:Is this a take on "I love you?" That's how I read it at first. If so, very creative Janelle.

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