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From Sandee Lembke - DIY Centerpieces, Pear Martini
November 24, 2009

Theme Party Queen
Hello Again!

Over this holiday season, many of us will be entertaining family and friends. Some of us will be hosting sit down dinner parties while others will be hosting casual buffet parties or simple football get togethers.

Regardless of the type of party you are hosting, you will probably have need of some ideas for holiday table centerpieces. Find several DIY ideas at our new web page called Holiday Table Centerpieces.

New Recipe

My friend Madonna shared with me a new recipe for a Pear Vodka Martini. What I love about this recipe is that you can make it VERY strong, like a regular vodka martini, or you can add more pineapple juice and tone it down a bit. Either way, your guests are going to love it.

Until Next Time,

Sandee Lembke

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