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From Sandee Lembke - Recipes For Brunch
May 11, 2009

Theme Party Queen Newsletter

Hello Again!

Sandee Lembke

There are so many party opportunities in May and June that require Easy Recipes For Brunch. We just celebrated Mothers Day yesterday and now we are looking forward to Fathers Day, graduation parties and wedding showers.

If you need some brunch menu recipes, don't forget to check out Theme Party Queen. Our Featured Hashbrown Casserole and Fruited Brandy Punch are two of our favorite go-to recipes. Until next time...

Happy and safe partying!

Sandee Lembke

Hashbrown Casserole

Recipes For Brunch

Learn how to make our Hashbrown Casserole and then alter it to suit your needs. With its crispy hashbrown crust, cheesy center and your favorite ingredients, it's a meal in itself, breakfast, brunch or dinner.

The basic technique is easy, then alter it for the size of your party and tastes of your guests. Make it for 4 people or 40, meat eaters and vegetarians. Everybody loves it.

Fruited Brandy Punch

Recipe For Punch

One of the easiest party drink recipes to serve is punch. Most recipes can be made in advance, you can make huge quantities of it, and if served in a fountain or punch bowl, guests can help themselves.

Once you find a basic punch recipe, you can alter it to suit your needs. A good punch recipe will have some type of juice, something for carbonation and can be made with or without alcohol.

Our Fruited Brandy Punch is our favorite recipe for punch. Serve it in a beautiful fountain and it will be the hit of your party.

Share With Other Partiers

Do you have a favorite go-to Brunch or Punch Recipe that you will share with the rest of us?
If so, Add It Here. We are always looking for Easy Party Recipes to add to our collection.

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