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From Sandee Lembke - Christmas Party Games
December 23, 2010

Theme Party Queen
Happy Holidays!

Hope your holiday preparations are not causing too much stress in your household. It is easy to lose sight of what the season is really about.

We received a couple of submissions this week for Christmas Party Games that I thought would be perfect for a holiday party.

Subtle Hints Party Game
Hot Potato Bags Party Game

Need some ideas for party cocktails? There are a couple here that you might like, especially for New Year parties:

Special Cocktail Recipes

If you have a recipe for a special cocktail you would like to share, leave it while you are there.

Last Chance To Enter Our Amazon Kindle Giveaway

We have a low number of entries so chances are good you will win if you enter. A winner will be chosen just after the first of the year. Will it be you?

If you would like to add a game or women party idea, you can do so at the link below. Please remember to give me your email address. I have to be able to contact you if you win. The deadline is December 31st.

Amazon Kindle Contest

Until Next Time,

Sandee Lembke

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