Subtle Hints Party Game

Can You Guess What I'm Doing?

Can You Guess What I'm Doing?

In this Subtle Hints Party Game, small acts are written down on slips of paper. Acts like: winking, wide eyes, lip licking, distracted, dropping a certain word over and over, holding doors, stealing drinks, etc.

The slips of paper are placed in a cup and everyone present draws one. The goal is to guess what each person's act is by the end of the night.

TPQ Comment: I like this Subtle Hints Party game because everyone can play. It is sometimes hard to find games that can accomodate big groups at theme parties especially. This seems easy to implement and fun to play. I can think of a few more:

Itching your nose, coughing, turning lights off and on, snapping fingers, twitching nose, using certain words like "awesome" "fantastic" "super duper." This could be fun just coming up with the acts! Thank you for contributing.

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