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Halloween Snack Ideas
October 23, 2011

Theme Party Queen

We are gearing up for a friend's annual Halloween party which is being held on Friday night and we STILL do not have our costumes. How do we get ourselves into this position every year?

If you are like me and still scrambling around looking for costume ideas, you might find a few easy ones here.

Last Minute Costume Ideas

Even though I have no idea what my costume will be, I do know what I am bringing for an appetizer. This recipe for Chex mix has been circulating around our family for a few years now. I will be adding Fall colored M & M's to it just to make it more festive. I like it because it makes a huge quantity and is dangerously delicious. Kids love it too.

Halloween Snack Mix

Want another easy Halloween snack idea? I was at a party last Friday night and tasted some excellent meatballs made with only 3 ingredients. Purchased meatballs from Sam's Club along with ketchup and brown sugar.

The person who made them told me she just mixes the sugar into the ketchup "until it tastes good." Well that recipe is certainly easy enough and tasty too!

Speaking of meatballs, My friend Crystal has a meatball recipe that would be great for Halloween dinner parties.

Monster Meatballs

If you are hosting or attending a Halloween party, have fun!

Until Next Time,

Sandee Lembke

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