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From Sandee Lembke - Printable Invitations In PowerPoint
June 01, 2009

Theme Party Queen Newsletter

Hello Again!

Sandee Lembke

When I am having a casual party, I will often design my own invitations in Microsoft PowerPoint and send them via email leaving more time for menu planning and other party details.

If you want to learn how I do it, watch the new video that I just uploaded which shows you step by step how to create your own party invitations. Find the link to the right. Until next time...

Happy and safe partying!

Sandee Lembke

Make Printable Invitations

Printable Invitations

Learn how to Design PowerPoint Invitations and save valuable party planning time. Send them via email or mail these printable invitations.

You can either READ my detailed instructions with screenshots or you can WATCH my newly-produced video.

In the video, I demonstrate a basic design and show you a few examples of simple invitations that you can easily make at home for your casual get-togethers. The design possibilities are endless using this technique!

Grilled Banana Dessert

Grilled Banana Dessert

For an easy dessert that's simple and easy to clean up, check out this recipe for Grilled Bananas.

Fill each packet depending on the tastes of your guests. Kids will love bananas topped with chocolate, marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs. Add fruit and a drizzle of liqueur for adults.

What's New

We updated our Wine Tasting Party ebook. It now includes a scorecard, a wine-cheese pairing table, pre-made cheese signs for blocks of cheese and a GREAT recipe for Spiced Nuts.

Also find a new, one-page Cocktail Menu which makes it easy for your guests to choose a cocktail and for you to make it when displayed on your home bar. Includes 12 Specialty Martinis and 8 other cocktail recommendations.

Download our newest freebies here.

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