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Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo
April 20, 2012

Theme Party Queen

Two of my favorite party occasions fall on the exact same day this year, Saturday, May 5th. Both are excellent opportunities to invite some friends over and enjoy each other's company.

First is Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates the Battle of Puebla fought in 1862. In many parts of Mexico and America, this holiday is celebrated with parades, colorful attire, and of course, Mexican food and drinks.

Our favorite party cocktails for this kind of celebration are Golden Margaritas. My husband and I came across this particular recipe when we visited Vero Beach Florida several years ago and have been making them ever since.

The 2nd important May 5th event is the Kentucky Derby horse race which is being run around 6:30 Eastern Time. When I hosted a party last year, I had everybody come over about an hour before the race.

We started with a pitcher of Mint Juleps and munched on cucumber sandwiches and then had Kentucky Derby pie for dessert. You can read about hosting a Kentucky Derby party here and print off all of the recipes I made last year.

May 5th is just around the corner. I hope you have time to gather some friends and enjoy the day together.

What's New

If you are on Pinterest, I am too now! I have been having so much fun pinning interesting photos that I find around the web. These photo pin boards are helping me keep track of all of my favorite websites.

Lately, my favorites are in the home decor and DIY categories probably because we are in the middle of rehabbing a house that we will eventually live in.

I also have tons of wonderful recipes pinned. You can find my pinboards here. Follow me and I'll follow you back:

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Sandee Lembke

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