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Bunco Party at Home, Super Bowl Ideas
January 11, 2013

Theme Party Queen

The new year is well underway and I am so glad to have things back to normal after our busy month of December. Guests have left, decorations are put away and I am back to my regular exercise routine.

Other than Super Bowl coming up on February 3rd, we really have no big party plans. This is the perfect time of year to gather up some girlfriends and play Bunco.

When I host a Bunco party at home, I usually have 12 players (3 tables of 4 people). Having more is difficult because the tables all have to be within earshot of each other and most homes can't accommodate 4+ tables.

It's a pretty easy party to host. For 12 people, I serve 3 appetizers and 2 desserts, set up 3 tables with a tally sheet, dice and some snacks, copy and cut some scorecards and that's about it.

To learn more about how to play and host, visit our Bunco Theme Party page here:

Bunco Party at Home

And here's a pdf with a tally sheet and scorecards you can print off at home:

Bunco Tally Sheet and Scorecards


For help planning a football party at home, visit our Super Bowl party ideas page. Plus here are a couple of links to our favorite football party snack recipes:

#1 - This recipe for Onion Dip was made regularly by a favorite aunt. She used to serve it with wheat crackers and I love it. Sounds weird to make an appetizer out of onions but try it and you will be sold.

Warm Vidalia Onion Dip

#2 - Meatballs are always a hit at parties right? This recipe includes 5 ideas for sauces. I am still looking for a great Swedish Meatball sauce recipe so if you have one, please add it at the bottom of the recipe page in the comments section (must have a Facebook account to comment).

Tiny Meatballs w/ 5 Sauce Options

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Until Next Time,

Sandee Lembke

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