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From Sandee Lembke - Fondue Deck Party
July 29, 2009

Theme Party Queen Newsletter

Hello Again!

Sandee Lembke

We are thoroughly enjoying our summer so far. One of the best times we've had recently was when we hosted a Fondue Party on our deck.

Also, I think I have made a boat load of this Pineapple Pecan Spread over the past couple of months. Try it out on your friends.

Until next time...

Happy and safe partying!

Sandee Lembke

Fondue Party on the Deck

My son and his girlfriend recently came to visit and I was trying to think of something fun for us to do together. We decided to have a fondue dinner party on our deck.

Cheese Fondue Recipe

The fun is in the prep work when everybody is in the kitchen cutting, shredding and chopping together. We made two different kinds of cheese fondue with several dippers including cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, apples, steamed potatoes and french bread chunks.

We set up two fondue pots on our patio table, put on some music and enjoyed each other's company until the sun went down, dipping fondue and sipping Mango Madness and Chocolate Martinis. Download the Cocktail Menu below for the drink recipes.

Great fun for a small summer dinner party.

Visit our fondue party ideas webpage to learn more about having an Easy Fondue Party. You will find several recipes including the two we made (Traditional Cheese Fondue and Cream Cheese Garlic).

What's New

If you haven't had a chance yet, you really should download our one-page Cocktail Menu which makes it easy for your guests to choose a cocktail and for you to make it when displayed on your home bar. Includes 12 Specialty Martinis and 8 other cocktail recommendations.

I laminated mine. It now has a permanent home in a small easel on top of my bar. Very convenient!

Download the Cocktail Menu here.

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