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From Sandee Lembke - St. Patrick's Day Party
March 04, 2010

Theme Party Queen
Spring is Almost Here!

It seems like it took forever for March to arrive this year. There are so many occasions coming up for you to host the perfect theme party.

First up is St. Patrick's Day on March 17th. You can bet that people all over the world will be celebrating this beloved holiday. If you are one of them, check out our St. Patrick's Day Party Page where you will find invitation and decoration ideas and a great list of Irish Food and Beverages including Irish Colcannon, Grasshopper Pie and Original Irish Cream.

Right around the corner is the NCAA Basketball Tournament which starts on March 16th and culminates with the Championship game being played on April 5th. Three weeks of potential party dates!

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Recently submitted by Lindy Warren, a Theme Party Queen visitor, this recipe called Lindy's Chocolate & Brownie Trifle is a chocolate lover's dream. Perfect for any party.

Still looking for some cocktail submissions (non-alcoholic is fine too). Won't you please share one of Your Favorite Cocktails Here?

Until Next Time,

Sandee Lembke

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