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Top 5 Football Appetizers
September 09, 2011

Theme Party Queen

Finally football season is here again. I put together a list of our Top 5 Football Appetizers because somebody is always asking me for quick and easy recipes that work well at football parties.

Top 5 Football Appetizers

#1 - It isn't surprising to find a taco dip on this list. I have been making this one since I was in college years ago and every single time I make it, it disappears in no time.

Taco Dip For A Crowd

#2 - This recipe for Onion Dip was made regularly by a favorite aunt. She used to serve it with wheat crackers and I love it. Sounds weird to make an appetizer out of onions but try it and you will be sold.

Warm Vidalia Onion Dip

#3 - Meatballs are always a hit at parties right? This recipe includes 5 ideas for sauces. I am still looking for a great Swedish Meatball sauce recipe so if you have one, please add it at the bottom of the recipe page in the comments section (must have a Facebook account to comment).

Tiny Meatballs w/ 5 Sauce Options

#4 - Well this one is just downright wonderful. I make it for alot of different occasions but love it for tailgating because it is excellent for sandwiches too, especially croissants.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

#5 - And last, but certainly not least, is my friend Georgia's Beer Cheese. This recipe has been passed around among friends for years. We all love it and it usually makes an appearance at several different gatherings throughout the year. Really convenient having only 4 ingredients.

Beer Cheese

I polled some online friends and asked for their recipes. Here are a couple more for you to try:

Marcia's Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Tiffany's Beef Queso Dip

Crystal's Crock Pot Spinach Artichoke Dip

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New Comment Feature at Theme Party Queen

In case you missed it, we just added a new comment feature to the site which allows people with Facebook accounts to comment on every single page within the site. This comment feature is especially nice because you can voice your opinions about a certain page or ask for help when needed.

If you have a Facebook account, feel free to add comments on any page. For example, if you try one of the recipes above, let us know if you liked it or how you would improve it the next time. If you have a party-related question, just post it and get timely feedback from myself and other visitors.

Until Next Time,

Sandee Lembke

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