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There are a lot of party game ideas out there for teenagers and young adults, but what about ideas suitable for grown adult couples who want to have a bit of fun? No matter how old you are or what your idea of a good time may be, one of these adult party games should fit your party or give you other ideas to personalize your party.

Blind Mating

Sit all of the women at the party on one side of a room with all of the men on the other side. Tell them that you are going to see how well they know their mates by touch alone and then turn out the lights. Everyone can move around the room freely, feeling faces, hands or whatever body parts they want until they find one another.

Make it clear that there is to be no talking once the lights go out. Only touch is allowed in this game. Once someone believes they have found their mate they should hold hands with them until the lights go back on. If the other person believes they are holding hands with the wrong person, they can grab the hand of someone else that they feel is the correct match.

So, you might have strings of people holding onto one another but the truth will be told when the lights come back on.

This is one of those adult party games that is best used with a group of people comfortable with one another. If your friends all have a sense of humor, it can be a lot of fun trying to find your mate in the dark by touch alone.

Clothing Switch

Adults love to dress up just as much as kids do, so why not ask your guests to come dressed up like one another? They can either literally switch clothing or buy outfits that they think reflect what their mate would wear. Wigs, heels, fake nails, it's all acceptable!

This is one of the more insightful adult party games because you get to see what you look like through the eyes of your mate.

Musical Mating

Do you remember playing musical chairs when you were a kid? This is the adult version of that and it is perfectly suited to couples. Have everyone stand in the middle of the floor, not holding hands or connecting in any way. There has to be an odd number of people in the game.

Turn on music and have everyone start dancing around the room, still not touching. When the music stops everyone has to grab onto a partner and stand still. The odd person without a partner is out of the game, along with the mate they came to the party with! Since couples are eliminated together there will always be an odd number of people to dance through the next round.

Name It Together

Have couples sit together and play short snippets of well known romantic songs. Keep score as couples try to name the songs. The couple with the highest score wins.

Favorite Moments

Have each person write down a short encounter of their favorite moment with their mate. The host reads these out loud to see if the other person recognizes what their mate wrote and which couples actually wrote down the same moment. This adult party game can be a real bonding experience for some couples as they relive some of their most memorable times together.

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