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Coming up with great Christmas party ideas can sometimes seem more like a chore than fun.

Christmas Tree Darling

Everyone is so busy during the holiday season that even the thought of throwing a Christmas party at this crazy time of year is daunting to say the least.

No worries! Through years of trial and error, I have learned what to do and what not to do.

For me, home party planning is really fun because I finally have it down to a science which makes the process quick, easy and enjoyable.

And the good news is that I am ready to share what I've learned with you. Check out the links below. Here you will find my best Christmas party ideas including easy party recipes, simple invitations and holiday decorations.

Christmas Party Ideas Start Here

Christmas Tree Fun Christmas Traditions
Create fun Christmas traditions for your family to cherish for years to come. Download a free ebook with several ideas to get you started. Ebook also includes ideas for homemade natural decorations, centerpieces, wrapping paper and edible gifts.
Christmas Tree Invitations
I use different kinds of invitations depending on how much time I have and what kind of party I am planning. You are sure to find at least one type of invitation here that will suit your needs.
Christmas Tree Party Decoration
Depending on the type of party you are having, I have found that you can either go nuts with the party decorations or you can really keep it simple and still show off your home with subtle, classy style. Either way, you'll find great Christmas party ideas here for how to do it right.
Christmas Tree Party Recipes My favorite part of party planning. I've gathered some of my favorite party recipes for you that are sure to delight all of your guests. I am not called the Theme Party Queen for nothing!
Christmas Tree Holiday Table Centerpieces
Create your own Holiday Table Centerpieces with simple craft items and things you already have around your home. Ideas for holiday decorations, theme centerpieces or budget wedding centerpieces.
Christmas Tree Party Music
This is my husband's area of expertise. In my opinion, the party music sets the tone for the whole evening. Have you ever been to a party where the music really didn't fit the theme or the age of the crowd? It's really kind of a downer. Compare that to a party where the music is well thought out and never ending. The party is in full swing the whole night! Find some suggestions here on how to do it right.
Christmas Tree Costumes & Attire
This section has ideas ranging from full blown party costumes, like dressing up in a Santa suit, to the more subtle things that you can add to your attire, like wearing a funny T-shirt or hat. Find lots of great ideas here.
Christmas Tree Fun Party Games
This selection of Christmas party games includes options for all age groups. Some are perfect for kids holiday school parties while others work well for large adult parties at home and office.

Thoughts? Questions? Opinions?

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