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Free Scavenger Hunt Ideas

When you are on a budget for an event, consider using some of these free scavenger hunt ideas to add some fun entertainment to your event. Use them on their own or combine one or two of them and come up with a unique experience that your guests will remember.

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Clues are the most important part of any scavenger hunt so it is important to come up with some unique ways to present them. One way you can do it is to present your clues in the form of a riddle.

Free Scavenger Hunt Ideas

For example, "While a spray of pennies will cover you in cents, one spray of me will cover you in scent." This, of course, is a clue for a perfume or cologne bottle.

If you are not that great coming up with riddles, another option is to write clues that are progressive, meaning that the first clue takes them to a certain item that has the next clue attached to it.

Free Scavenger Hunt Ideas

This is one of the most fun game ideas because guests are very active and move from room to room or around the yard. It is especially fun if you create teams of people who are not very familiar with each other. This kind of scavenger hunt is a great ice breaker.

Hosting parties with games is so fun and these kinds of free scavenger hunt ideas will give you the chance to host an event that people are going to remember. Just be sure that you plan out the logical order of things and have enough clues and items that everyone will be able to be successful through the end of the event.

More Free Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger Hunt For Kids - Are you planning a scavenger hunt for kids? Make sure you consider these 5 steps before play begins to keep the chaos to a minimum.

Mall Scavenger Hunt - A mall scavenger hunt involves participants searching the mall for unique list items. We recommend choosing one of these 3 methods, some easier than others to execute but all fun.

Mall Photo Scavenger Hunt - This idea was submitted by a Theme Party Queen visitor. Any kind of scavenger hunt that involves participants taking photos is a blast. Can you just imagine some of the hilarious images they might capture at a mall?

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Ideas - The best Bachelorette scavenger hunt ideas require the bride-to-be to do all sorts of crazy things preferably providing herself and friends with hours of enjoyment. Three ideas to get the party started.

Bible Scavenger Hunt - Organize a Bible scavenger hunt to help kids learn key passages and words from the Bible. Not only will they expand their knowledge but they will have fun too.

Scavenger Hunt Clues - Scavenger hunt clues can make or break the game so finding creative ways to lead guests from one clue to the next is critical. Use these ideas for a memorable hunt.

Scavenger Hunt Lists - We just finished a new ebook which is filled with all sorts of scavenger hunt lists that you can use for many of the hunts listed above including a mall photo hunt list and a fun list of items for the Bachelorette. Others included are a Halloween scavenger hunt list and a list of nature scavenger hunt clues. Learn how you can get your free copy here.

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