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People from all over the world view this website (last count 70 countries) and are always looking for fun party ideas to try. This is where we share what we know.

We all have favorite foods, recipes, gadgets, etc. that we like to use every time we entertain. I like my Rival Fondue Pots and my Rick Bayless Queso Fundido serving dish for warm dips. What are some of yours?

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Do you have a great idea for a fantastic ladies night out or a tailgating story? A favorite Cabernet, delicious cupcake recipe or fondue dipping sauce?

We are currently looking for input on the topics below. Click here to see an example of a visitor entry in our Ladies Night Out category.

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Easy Fondue
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To Contribute, Follow These Easy Steps

  • Choose a topic above
  • Click on the link for that topic
  • Enter your idea, party tip, favorite gadget, recipe or party picture into the entry form
  • Mine the other entries for fun party ideas (links are below the entry forms on each page)
  • If you choose to be notified, you will receive an email when your submission has been uploaded.
  • Each entry becomes a separate webpage within this site. Come back and view your newly created webpage and share it with family and friends!

Our hope is that visitors will feel comfortable sharing their tips for parties and picking up a few for themselves while they are here. Collectively we will create a smorgasbord of fun party ideas that we can all tap into whenever we need support and inspiration.

Thank you for sharing!

Thoughts? Questions? Opinions?

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