Allclad Cookware Review

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Allclad Cookware Review

When it comes time to cook dinner the last thing you want is substandard cookware, if you stock your kitchen with Allclad cookware, you will have anything but! Allclad is American made at its finest; professional metallurgists specify the metal formations down to the microstructure.

Each pan is created with cooking in mind rather than ease of manufacturing, in other words quality first above all else. Every piece is hand inspected which may slow the process but results in cookware that is reliable and maintains its shape after years of service.

Cookware Features

This cookware is known for its quality. Here are the primary features:

  • Three ply magnetic stainless steel
  • Aluminum core
  • Stay cool handles
  • Variety of pieces including: 12-inch skillet, 2-6 quart pans, 8-quart stockpot etc...
  • Handles riveted in place for extra durability

Cookware Benefits

Remember when Teflon was all the rage? If you wanted non-stick cookware it was a given that you had to have some sort of coating such as Teflon and the pans worked well in the beginning.

Allclad Cookware Review

Then it was discovered that scratched pans resulted in this chemical based compound winding up in your food! This cookware offers the same non-stick capability with no coating to ruin your meal.

One of the biggest complaints you will hear from any cook is the difficulty of getting even heat across the bottom of a pan, in most cases, this is nearly impossible. However, Allclad created cookware with a solid aluminum core, which means nice even heating.

What Do Customers Think?

You can read all the information and advertisements in the world but if you truly want to know if you have a quality product check other customer reviews. Here is what a few people have had to say about Allclad cookware:

"Along with being insanely beautiful this cookware is wonderfully even and a breeze to clean up. According to the instructions a little bit of Barkeepers Friend will have it gleaming, and they are right! Stay cool handles are great; however remember to use potholders when lifting the lids. Overall this is quite possibly the only cooking utensils you will ever want, you can expect it to last a lifetime or more."

"The only real downside to this cookware is the pan lids. Although the company has gone to great lengths to create cookware with stay cool handles, the same does not apply to the lids. The handles on the lid get very hot and you will require a mitt to prevent injury."


If you are looking for great cookware that will perform flawlessly every time and last a generation or more, Allclad cookware is one of the best options on the market. You can rest easy knowing this is a product made in America and held to the strictest of quality standards.

Favorite Allclad Sets

Our partner,, has several sets of Allclad available. Here are a few of our favorites. The copper set is absolutely gorgeous!

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