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Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Bachelorette parties are great opportunities for drama and catty behavior. You have alcohol in the mix and you bring all of your friends, family members and acquaintances together in one place. Not everyone gets along and before you know it there is a fight in the midst of what should be a joyous, fun occasion.

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The only thing worse than the drama and fighting would be a dull party with everyone sitting around staring at one another. The answer either way is to find some good bachelorette scavenger hunt ideas.

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Ideas

A scavenger hunt typically requires participants to go searching for items that are on a list, but that isn't the only type of bachelorette scavenger hunt ideas to consider.

This is one of those occasion where you can get a little crazy and require the bride-to-be to do things or secure physical things from others, such as a kiss on the cheek or a phone number.

You can play around with scavenger hunts for bachelorette parties since naturally only adults are in attendance. The occasion of getting married and tying yourself to one person for the rest of your life naturally brings on themes that are more adult in nature than you would use for a younger audience.

Have fun and really let loose. This is the one time that the bride-to-be has permission to cut loose and be "singleĀ” one last night.

The Social Hunt

Other bachelorette scavenger hunt ideas require the bride-to-be to mix and mingle with others who may not be participating in the party.

For instance, if you are in a dance club for part of the party you can give the bride-to-be a list of things to secure from others such as ten kisses on the cheek using bright red lipstick.

This is a fun idea that requires the men kissing her cheek to put on the lipstick before giving her the kiss.

Here are some more ideas of things she has to do or acquire:

  • Get a random guy's phone number
  • Get a pack of matches with an establishment's name on it
  • Get a stick of gum from a stranger
  • Dance on a table
  • Tell a knock-knock joke to a table full of people
  • Sing a song in the ladies bathroom with at least one stranger present
  • Kiss the mirror in the bathroom with lipstick on
  • Skip down the street (safely!)
  • Hold hands with two male strangers at the same time
Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Ideas Other ideas might include securing phone numbers, talking to the first person to walk in the door for five minutes straight without losing their attention, or getting three people to give her a bite of their food.

I took this photo when I was out with a bunch of my girlfriends on a train crawl and we came across this bachelorette party waiting for the same train we were.

They were riding from establishment to establishment along the train line and the bachelorette, the one with the pink boa, was required to do all sorts of crazy things.

Her list was actually hanging around her neck. They had printed off a bunch of clues, cut them into 3" x 3" squares and then fastened them to a necklace with paper clips. Each time she completed a task, she tore it off the necklace. Cute idea!

The Naughty Hunt

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Some bachelorette scavenger hunt ideas require you to find gag gifts or adult oriented items tied to marriage sexual relationships and use them for the naughty scavenger list.

You can only do this if you are holding the hunt in a location where these items can be safely hidden without children finding them or embarrassing others not participating in the party. That means no naughty items being hidden in a restaurant!

These items should make your guests blush, so really have fun coming up with naughty ideas. You can collect all the items in a basket at the end of the day and send them home with the to-be bride.

The Sentimental Hunt

Hide items that will mean something to the bride-to-be and take a video of her finding them. For instance, you might hide an enlarged framed picture from the first date she had with her soon-to-be husband and the string ring that he made for her when he first proposed.

The final reward for the sentimental hunt may be the groom waiting for her in the hot tub! You might consider combining some of these ideas to stretch the scavenger hunt out throughout the night at all locations you visit.

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