Bible Famil y Feud

by Mary Jackson
(Fairmont, Wv)

Everybody Gets To Play!

Everybody Gets To Play!

The Bible Family Feud group game is a new twist for "Family Feud" as seen on TV. It is played basicly the same.

We used tap bells instead of buzzers and people from the "Church Family" (teams of 5). Sometimes combining 2 or more natural families or simply 5 people whom are not natural family. we have also used this game at "youth Gathering" pitting one church group against another.

Each group has a leader who introduces them. When they play for the first time the moderator greets them with a "candy kiss."

While all the questions used were pretaining to Bible knowledge, not all of the answers given are Biblically correct (since we DID pole people on the street and use their answers; some of the answers were very funny).

The winning team were served refeshments following the game by the losing team who served themselves afterwards.

These games are a big smash at Christian parties.

TPQ Comment: I love this idea. You could use it for all sorts of themes. For example, at a bachelorette, shower, or wedding theme party, you could have the answers pertain to the bride and groom (where they met, where was the first date, where is the honeymoon...). Thanks for contributing Mary!

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Apr 10, 2015
Bible Famil Feud NEW
by: Penny

Some Categories I came up with are:
8 Kings of the Bible
4 Women of the Bible that begins with the letter D
6 Men of the Bible that begins with the letter L
10 Foods of the Bible (There are actually 20)
10 Plagues
7 Things God Hates
9 Fruit of the Spirit

Can't wait to try it out!!

Dec 09, 2014
Questions NEW
by: Anonymous

We found a powerpoint presentation for this and It has been great for Sunday School.... We made our own questions such as...Name a woman known for doing a bad thing...Name a church of Asia Minor...Name an animal depicted as a type of Jesus Christ... It is really a great review. You could even use a message your pastor preaches and tell them to give you answers concerning the message... ENJOY!!!

Dec 08, 2014
questions? NEW
by: Anonymous

Would you share your questions please?

Apr 12, 2013
Family Feud Bible-related questions & responses NEW
by: Anonymous

I was wondering where you found the lists of Christian or Bible-based Family Feud categories with responses & #'s. Do you have any to share?

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