Bowls Party Game

by Amanda
(Illinois, United States)

Can You Guess?

Can You Guess?

The Bowls Party Game is a game that is so fun for a group of 6 or more. No need for fancy items to play; just a clock/watch, a bowl and some pieces of paper.

Each person starts with a piece of paper and writes down 5 nouns in a list on that piece of paper. They can be as simple or as hard as you like. Then someone collects all the pieces of paper in a bowl.

Number off into 2 groups.

One player on the first group starts with the bowl of lists.

Round 1: The player with the bowl grabs a list out of the bowl and begins to describe each item on the list to his team members without using any of the words on the list. His fellow group members must guess each word on the list correctly within 30 seconds. Once the group has guessed each word on the list correctly and time has not run out, the player with the bowl sets down the list his group completed, grabs another list and try to get his group to guess each word on that list correctly. Once the 30 seconds are up, the groupm will count each list that they completed correctly as one point. Repeat this process by passing the bowl around the circle, alternating groups until all the lists have been completed and scores have been tallied.

Round 2: Put all lists back in the bowl and start with the next player. Repeat the same process. However, the player with the bowl can only use 3 words to describe each word on the list. The group has 30 seconds to guess the words on as many lists as possible. Pass the bowl around until there are no more lists left in the bowl. Each list guessed correctly counts for 1 point. Tally points and place all lists back in the bowl one last time.

Round 3: Start with the next player and repeat the process one more time. However, this time the player with the bowl has to act out each word on the list and get his team to guess the entire list correctly. Each team has 45 seconds to complete as many lists as possible. Each list completed counts for 1 point. Continue around the circle until all lists have been completed. Tally the points.

The team with the most points win!

Tip: Remember to have fun!!

TPQ Comment: This Bowls Party Game is perfect for theme parties because it's hard finding games that work well with large numbers of people. It's like Charades without having to act out the word. Thanks for sharing Amanda!

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