Corning Cookware Review

by Sandee

The Corning cookware you purchase today is a great example of how profitable businesses change to keep up with the times. Doing away with the ceramic and glass based cookware that the company had been producing since the 1950s, Corning moved to ceramic stoneware in the 1990s.

This new material is more suitable to microwave and convection oven cooking, which most cooks now use on a regular basis. That move in materials was made to keep up with the times and make sure cookware offered under the Corning name brand remained competitive with other brands.

Corning Cookware Features

There are many different types of cookware currently being sold by Corning, including:

Casserole Dishes
Dish Covers
Pie Dishes
Portable Cookware
Cookware Sets

One of the newest lines of cookware from the brand is the Simply Lite line. These dishes are designed for baking and are designed to be half the weight of most other ceramic baking dishes.

There are other very popular lines on the market, such as the French White collection that is simply grouped by color and the Etch line of glass cookware. The Etch line is especially impressive because each dish has a modern shape that is functional as well as visually interesting.

One nice feature about most Corning lines is their ability to stack into one another. If you purchase your cookware in a set, then chances are you can easily stack them together to conserve room when stored in the cabinet.

Benefits of Corning Cookware

All of the cookware now being offered by Corning is made from this ceramic stoneware. This is a benefit because the material is very easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher and it can go in virtually any type of cooking appliance you may use.

This makes Corning one of the most versatile brands for cooks who want their cookware to do it all and go everywhere without limitations.

Another benefit is the wide selection of colors. You can get red and blue cookware from the brand as well as the newer French White cookware collection.

The French White products have become very popular for wedding gifts while the other colors are better picks for housewarming gifts. You can also coordinate your chosen color according to the decor in your own kitchen.

The Final Word

There are many very positive consumer reviews out there regarding the newest lines of Corning cookware to hit the market. Consumers love that these dishes feel substantial and heat evenly when in use. They also like the heavy, high quality feel that many of the dishes have.

You may find some reviewers comparing the newer Corning dishes to older cookware made of the previous materials. Some preferred the older material, but most really appreciate the diversity in cooking that is opened up with this newer material.

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