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Easy Halloween Costumes

Easy Halloween Costumes

I found the headpieces for these easy Halloween costumes first. Then my husband and I had to decide who was going to be the angel and who was going to be the devil.

His idea was to go as "The picture of irony" where I dressed up like the devil (even though I am usually such an angel-smile) and he dressed up like an angel (even though he is usually up to no good-smile).

All we did for his costume was to tear up a sheet to make room for his head and arms. I just wore a bow tie a red shirt and black pants.

If you can't find the headpieces they can easily be made out of pipe cleaners and material.

Easy Halloween Costumes

Another easy one to make with stuff you most likely already have on hand is a cowgirl or cowboy outfit.

My friend on the left found a comfy pair of overalls, a straw hat with silk flowers hot glued to the front of it, a wig that looks like it's part of a Dorothy costume, a bandana and that was it! She also painted on rosy cheeks and freckles.

The only thing she had to buy was the wig. Everything else she found around the house.

Easy Halloween Costumes

If you just can not come up with anything else, going as older folks is always a great choice for last minute,easy Halloween costumes.

Start by spraying your hair gray. For a female, pull it back in a bun if it's long enough. For a guy, spray your beard and eyebrows too. Then wear clothes and jewelry that elderly people would wear and don't forget the glasses. They are a must have.

The guy in this picture used brown face paint to create wrinkles.

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