Find That Item!

by Megan
(Troy,MO, United States )

Find That Item is a really fun game for people of all ages. As the host of the theme gathering, make a list of different items for each group of children or adults. Don't say what the item is, but give hints. For example, if I was wanting your group to find a purple pillow, I would say on the clue sheet "comfy, soft, purple, Zzz!" Then, give the same sheet of paper to everyone at the party. You could make the objects be ones that are outside,(such as leaves, a flower, a branch, ect.) or ones that are inside(such as pillow, tissue, ect.) Then, whatever group finds everything on their list, they would win a prize. This game is simple, fun, and exciting!

TPQ Comment: Games like this are perfect for theme parties with large groups of people because everybody can play. Thanks for contributing.

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