French Cookware Reviews

by Sandee

Le Creuset Cookware

Le Creuset Cookware

French cookware is not much different than the cookware sold anywhere else. There are top brands like Le Creuset which are designed for physical beauty as well as a lifetime of functionality, but then you also have a variety of lesser known and lesser quality brands.

The choice of what brand to select is up to the cook, but there may be a higher concentration of higher quality cookware from French brands.

French Cookware Features

The best way to learn about cookware from the French is to study one of the most popular brands from the country. That would be Le Creuset cookware in the opinion of many French cooks.

This is not only a well recognized brand with a long history in the market, but it is a brand known for providing pots and pans of such high quality that they can be passed down through the generations.

A lot of their pieces are made from enameled cast iron and can be found in some vibrant colors such as bright red with darker undertones. They often come with very heavy lids that lock down tight and are known for even heating and very long lasting material quality.

One thing that must be noted about these very high quality French pieces is that many should be washed by hand rather than being put through a dishwashing machine. Keep this in mind and you should have cookware that lasts year after year without showing any sign of wear.

Benefits of French Cookware

The benefit of purchasing very high quality cookware from France is the ability to purchase what you need and forget about it. When you purchase from a very high quality brand like Le Creuset you can expect your pieces to last for many years. They may even outlast you if they are very well cared for and gently used.

Many pieces from this brand and many other French brands can go from the stovetop to the oven (up to 350 degrees). This is an incredible convenience when in the middle of cooking a meal.


French cookware comes in a variety of forms. From aluminum pots and pans to the heaviest, highest quality French ovens, you will find pieces that make cooking a joy.

A lot of the technology seen on the French market mirrors that found elsewhere in the world, but some brands do have very strong reputations that are attractive to many enthusiastic cooks.

It is best to study the market for French brands before making a purchase. Know what you are looking at and compare to other types of cookware on the market so you can make an educated decision in the end.

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