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Probably the most common gazebo party idea is to use it for a wedding ceremony. True, a wedding is a wonderful use for a home gazebo especially in warmer months, but it can also be used for so many other outdoor events.

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Using a gazebo doesn't have to mean "formal." In fact it can help set the mood for a more informal party. Just because of how they are usually constructed, home gazebos are perfect for any activity requiring a stage. Here are a few of our favorite party ideas:

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  • Musicians - A favorite gazebo party idea is to hire some musicians and let them set up in the gazebo. Obviously most gazebos can not accomodate a large band but you should be able to fit a couple of musicians and their equipment.
  • Magic Shows - Kids and adults will love watching a magician do his thing from your gazebo. They are usually lifted high enough off the ground making them the perfect stage for magic shows which is an affordable party idea.
  • Karaoke - If you or a friend has a karaoke machine, a home gazebo would be the perfect place to set up the equipment. Usually just a few people are singing at the same time so everyone would be able to fit comfortably.
  • Face Painters - A popular activity, especially at kid parties, is to hire a face painter and let the kids choose their design. A face painter would certainly appreciate having the use of your gazebo where they can spread out the paints and be somewhat separated from the rest of the crowd.
  • Caricature Artists - Another gazebo party idea is to hire a caricature artist. Your guests would take turns sitting for the artist and would end up taking home a drawing that is cartoonish in nature. We had caricatures done of our kids when they were small and I love them to this day.
  • Food Stations - Since they are covered, a perfect gazebo party idea is to use it as a bar, serving a special selection of summer cocktails. If you have a designated bartender, your guests can easily enter the gazebo and order a special cocktail from your menu. Click here to download a free Cocktail Ideas Menu for some ideas.

Since most of them are so small, they are usually only used as sitting areas but hopefully we have shown you a few gazebo party ideas that you and your guests will long remember.

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