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Halloween Costumes For Couples

Friends of ours always come to parties with such creative Halloween costumes for couples. Every year I look forward to seeing what they are going to be wearing.

You have probably seen commercials for Cialis, the erectile dysfunction pill. They usually have something to do with a happy couple. One in particular shows a couple in bathtubs outdoors, like the photo on the left.

Halloween Costumes For Couples

Well one year this couple showed up as one of the bathtub couples. I think they made the bathtubs out of boxes, paper towels and Hodge Podge, the white glue that you decoupage with. They wore some kind of padded, flesh colored shirts and draped towels around their necks too.

The same couple showed up one year as bathroom symbols that you see on public restroom doors. Maybe they have a thing for bathroom items, I don't know, but they made these costumes out of material and wire then just wore their street clothes underneath.

Halloween Costumes For Couples

Another idea for Halloween costumes for couples is to go as a box of something. Boxes of grocery items or as a UPS package and delivery man like this couple did. They went on line and printed off a UPS logo then copied it, pasted it to a huge box for her costume and then on his shirt and cap.

Halloween Costumes For Couples

Craft stores, like Michael's and Hobby Lobby are great places to find items to make Halloween costumes for couples. This picture of my daughter and her roommate shows how they used simple items to make Luigi and Mario costumes (from the Nintendo game "Super Mario Brothers").

First, they bought colorful tshirts, shorts and hats and then bought material to make the suspenders and initials on the hats, all from Hobby Lobby. Then they found some white gloves and mustaches at another store. Maybe $30 per outfit?

Halloween Costumes For Couples

One last idea for Halloween costumes for couples. This picture shows my neice and nephew as Frankenstein and his bride. Not only does this idea work well for kids, but adults could easily pull this off as well.

They used resale items, wigs and face paint. Then they dusted up the outfits to make them look dirty and old, probably with ashes. Pretty simple right?

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