Orange Lake Resort--River Island Waterpark


River Island Waterpark

River Island Waterpark

Spring Break 2007:
Although this wasn't a ladies only vacation, the guys usually played tennis or golf during the day while me and my girlfriends hung out at the Resort Water Park every single day.

We'd start our days sipping a Bloody Mary and rubbing on sunscreen. Eventually we'd make our way into the lazy river where we would float side by side around and around enjoying the scenery.

In the afternoons, we'd munch on some chips and enjoy a Pina Colada, all the while soaking up the sun and giggling about whatever.

At night we'd meet up with the guys and have dinner.

Easy days, no worries man. Just enjoying time with my friends.

Water parks can be found in many cities worldwide. Why not make a day of it with your lady friends?

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