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Quick Easy Halloween Costumes

Quick Easy Halloween Costumes

If you are looking for quick easy Halloween costumes that you can make at home, here are a few ideas. One year, my friend on the left was a bunch of grapes. All she did was put on her comfiest purple sweatsuit and attached purple balloons with safety pins.

I was jealous when I saw it because it looked so comfortable. Only problem was that she had trouble going to the bathroom and sitting down! When she got sick of wearing it, she just took off the jacket.

Quick Easy Halloween Costumes

These are definitely easy homemade costumes. All they had to buy was the gun and the blond wig. The rest of their Bonnie and Clyde outfit is right out of their own closet.

Quick Easy Halloween Costumes

Remember Wilson, from the "Home Improvement" show with Tim Allen? He was the next door neighbor that Tim would talk to through the fence between their yards.

You could never see Wilson's full face though; just the top of his head, from the eyes up.

Well this is a picture of our friend's son doing his best Wilson. If this isn't a quick easy Halloween costume I don't know what is! You take a box, cut it to look like a fence, strap it on with a belt and plop a hat on your head. Done.

Quick Easy Halloween Costumes

The friend in this picture is the mother of the guy who dressed up like Wilson. Making quick easy Halloween costumes out of boxes must run in the family!

Can you imagine all of the different ways you could use this idea? All she did for her box of wine costume was to enlarge a wine label and attach it to a box and then cut out the top for her head. Underneath it she just wore street clothes.

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