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Racheal Ray Cookware Review

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Racheal Ray Cookware Review

Do you love watching Racheal Ray? If so, you are probably trying out the many different tasty dishes she has on her show. When you are going to spend that kind of time creating wonderful dishes you want a set of cookware that will make the job easier, Racheal Ray cookware is the perfect solution for this dilemma.

Well known for her 30-minute meals and penchant for using dashes and palm fulls instead of actual measurements, she is a cook many love to emulate.

Cookware Features

There are several options when it comes to this popular cookware including nonstick and anodized aluminum. You can buy these pots and pans individually or in full sets and one pretty popular set is the 14 piece orange.

Each of these signature cookware pieces is made of the highest quality materials, hard anodized aluminum on the exterior, nonstick surface on the inside, striking orange and other colored handles, silicone stay cool handles, dripless pouring and glass lids.

Cookware Benefits

One of the clear benefits of the 14 pc cookware set is that you will have every basic pan required for the majority of your cooking. There are four saucepan sizes, two skillets, stockpot, saute pan and lids to fit all of the above.

Racheal Ray Cookware Review

Whether you are interested in making a tasty soup or fry some chicken you are going to have the utensils at hand to accomplish either of these and more.

Other than the nice design and color of these pans, customers are also very impressed with the silicone grippy handles. These handles stay cool, comfortable to handle and are oven safe up to 400 degrees. Handles on the lids are appreciated as well, the clearance alone makes handling the lids safer and simpler.

Customer Review

Many times when you hear of a new set of pans particularly those endorsed by a celebrity like the Racheal Ray cookware you have to wonder if they will hold up to the hype. Thankfully, you do not have to guess on this count as customer reviews are a very good indication of actual real life performance.

Generally, you expect to hear about how good a set of pans are, and you will find this with these particular pans. However, one thing many people do not talk about is storage. The 14 pc set stack nicely together and take up a lot less space in the cupboard than you might imagine. Lids take up a bit more room, but will also stack nicely.

Whether you want a stainless steel cookware set or something more like the anodized set you will find the same craft and quality with each set. Nonstick surfaces are of the highest caliber and will provide years of reliable service.


Too often new kitchen utensils and cookware sets are overlooked, even when they have a celebrity name attached like the Racheal Ray cookware. However, before you dismiss them as overhyped check out other customer reviews and try a piece or two yourself. Better yet, try an entire set. You will have a hard time finding a better value.

Favorite Nonstick Cookware Sets

Our partner,, has a nice selection of Racheal Ray Cookware. Some of our favorites are shown below. LOVE the chocolate colored set.

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