Say It With A Song Group Games

by Kimberly Hansen
(Casper, WY, USA)

Here is how you play the Say It With A Song Group Games. Before the event, take slips of paper and write down single word topics. Nouns and Verbs work best. Things like Love, Apple, Help, Run, etc (for example). Grab an hourglass from a board game or use a timer set to 60 seconds.

Fold paper slips in half, put in a hat or bowl to draw from at the party. Break into equal number groups. Two groups is fine, or you can have more.

The first group pulls a slip of paper from the hat, and reads it out loud. The second group flips over the hourglass or starts the timer.

The players in group one must come up with a song that uses the word on the paper in their lyrics. You must have at least 5 words of the lyric in the song. For instance, if the word on the paper is "love" then a player could yell out "all you need is love"

If group one can come up with a lyric line before time is up, it then passes to group two, who also get a full minute to come up with a song lyric of five words long, minimum, with the word in play pulled from the hat.

This continues around to all the groups until one of the groups can not come up with a lyric in the allotted time. They then get a point against them.

Team with the least number of points at the end of the game wins.

Game can run however long you want it to.

No repeats of songs. If team two uses one lyric, the other teams can not use it.

TPQComment: I like this one because alot of people can play. Sometimes at larger parties it's hard to come up with group games that everybody can play. Thanks for contributing Kimberly.

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