Sharks and the City Party Game

by Gina Goings
(Toronto, CA)

A play-off, of course, of Sex and the City. My children attend an all boys school in Canada. The mascot of the school is the Shark. The school decided this year to hold a Ladies Night Out. I came up with the idea of "Sharks and The City" as the theme. Each year, we will add to this theme (ex; Sharks and the City: Diva's and Decadence). Since we have no budget for decorations, I also came up with the idea of using High-End designer bags and boxes (i.e., Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Tiffany, etc.)to help decorate the event facility. We will be serving the "cosmopolitian martini" as the Drink of the night.

As we are expecting about 150 women (moms, teachers, and staff), we needed a low maintenance ice breaker.

Upon arrival, each lady will get to choose a colored diamond ring (the rings will be in a Prada Shoe bag). Based on the color ring you get, you will then be assigned a particular character's "Blackberry" (a cardboard cut-out of a Blackberry phone on one side, and 5 questions on the other side). For expample: If you get the blue diamond ring, you will get "Charlotte's Blackberry", and, you will then have to; 1. find someone wearing a piece of jewerly from Tiffany's, 2. Find someone carrying a Burberry Bag,3. Find Someone married to Harry, etc.

Each Character's phone is based on one of the 4 protaganist in Sex and the City (Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samamtha). Your goal during the evening is to complete your character's Blackberry. Once you find someone in the room that meets the criteria, you ask them to sign your phone. Everyone will be asked to turn in their phones by a certain time, and then drawings will be held for those who have the most completed "contacts." Each "phone" has 5 character specific questions.

The event will be held in mid-January. It is already sold out!

TPQ Comment: Very detailed explanation of your Sharks and the City Party Game Gina. Thank you for sharing. Good luck with your event. This sounds so fun.

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