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Tea Party Table Setting

This image shows a very simple tea party table setting. Start by draping the table(s) with a beautiful tablecloth or runner. Sprinkle flower petals or confetti around the table for added color.

Tea Party Table Setting

Since you are serving small bites, use salad plates as opposed to dinner plates, and if you like a fancier layout, add matching chargers under each plate. Silver ones look great under almost any color plate.

Place a water glass to the left of the plate and a tea cup and saucer to the right. The knife and spoon should be on the right; the fork on the left. You should not need more than one of each. Napkins can be laid on top of the plates.

Now is the time to pull out all of your beautiful serving platters. If space allows, stack books under the table cloth to create different levels and set your serving dishes on top of them. Doing so adds interest to your layout instead of everything being laid out flat.

Finish with fresh flower arrangements. Visit our Holiday Centerpieces page for ideas.

For a more ideas, visit our Tea Time page. Lots of great recipes for scones, cupcakes, punches and finger sandwiches.

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