The Story Party Game

by Bea
(Grand Rapids, MI)

Christmas Or Any Occasion

Christmas Or Any Occasion

The Story Party Game can be used any time, even just sitting around the table after dinner.

Everyone gets a lined notebook paper, turn the page upside down, It will give you more room to write. They need something to write on if not around a table, and a pen.

Each Person starts a story, a line or two or short paragraph. Fold the paper over so only one line or a couple of words show. (Example: "One year Santa got lost on his journey." Go to next line, He thought,"How will I find my way back?" Fold paper so only the last line shows. Pass the paper to the next person. They then add to the story, continuing/adding to, from what the previous person has written, the line that shows. No peeking! Fold it over again so only one sentence or few words show and pass it again. This continues until the page is almost full. The leader then says finish the story. It gets passed one more time. That person opens the page. Then each person takes their turn reading the story on the whole page.

This can be quite hilarious! Of course it does not make any sense, but that What makes it fun.

TPQ Comment: The Story Party Game reminds me of Mad Libs, where partial sentences are provided and party attendees fill in the blanks creating hilarious sentences. Thanks for contributing Bea. It's hard to find games that work for large groups.

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