The Towers Group Games

by Andrei Mazilu
(Mangalia , COnstanta , Romania)

In my country we play The Towers Group Games at parties (when we are drunk or high because it's more funny).

The Rules: Everyone can enter, the more the merrier. You must form a circle and every player it is given a Tower number ( that will be his name from now on )and then the game starts like this:

Tower nr 1 CALLS a random Tower ( player )
Example : Tower nr 1 Calls Tower nr 4
At this point Tower nr 4 must react fast and call another random tower but not the one that called him ( NOT tower nr 4 calls tower nr 1 ).
When a player hesitates or does not realize that it's his turn ( or any other mistake ) HE GET'S An AWESOME NICK NAME from the tower that called him.

Example :
Tower nr 4 calls tower nr 3
Tower nr 3 calls tower nr 4 FAIL

Tower nr 4 WILL SAY "From now on you will be called Tower nr 3 stinky"

At this point the game resumes and nr 3 must start like this:
Tower nr 3 STINKY calls Tower nr 2 ( or any other tower )

The fun thing is that you can play this game with 10 people and each at 1 point will have more than 10 nicknames and you will still be able to remember all of them because you heard them more than 50 times :)

IF you play with less people 1 nickname is given by default (first you set the tower names then each player gives a nickname to the player on his left)

you can change the rules if you want to make it more fun .
Tower 1 - stinky - dress - grabs - toilet - rocket -fail
Tower 3 - loud - stick - tricky - water - cream - dream - wet - pants
Tower 3 - loud - stick - tricky - water - cream - dream - wet - pants
Tower 7 - pink -goat - funny - grave - trumpet - plastic -dentist -smurf
I hope you get it

TPQ Comment: Sounds kind of like one of the group games I've played called Big Booty where you take turns calling out numbers and people forget their number all the time and end up out of the game. It is hysterical. Thanks for contributing!

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