Valentine Couples Party Game

by Kathy

That's the WRONG answer!!!

That's the WRONG answer!!!

This Valentine Couples Party Game is a take-off of the Newlywed game. Many times I've done this for a dinner party while we are sitting around the table after we've eaten our meal and when I'm ready to serve dessert and coffee.

I type up questions on slips of paper and put them into a basket. Pass the basket around and each person takes a question, but they cannot look at it until it is their turn. We go around the table and let each person give the answer to the question they chose. It really is fun hearing the answers and also finding out more about the guests.

As an added Valentine bonus, I pre-arrange for the ladies to go into another room ahead of time with me. I have white balloons with helium in them and I ask each lady to kiss the balloon making sure they have enough lipstick on to make a good lip print.

At the very end of our evening, I bring out the balloons and each husband has to guess which pairs of lips belongs to their wife. Oh Boy! If they don't guess it right....they are in TROUBLE!

Here are some examples of questions:

Which of the following best describes you and your mate’s first kiss:
a. A peck
b. A lingering kiss
c. A “mash” session
Where did you and your mate meet?
What outfit does your mate wear TOO OFTEN?
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how would you rate your first date?
Where was your first kiss with your mate?
What type of animal best describes your mate’s disposition in the morning?
a. Grumpy, like a bear
b. Quiet like a mouse
c. Quick as a rabbit
Love at first sight? What first attracted your mate to you?
Who would your mate say is the best driver?
What annoying sleep habit does your mate have?
What would your mate say is your worst habit?
What is YOUR song?
Would your mate prefer to stay in the background or be in the center of attention at a party?
Which of the following song titles best describes your first year of your relationship?
a. Beauty & the Beast
b. Bridge over troubled water
c. Shout
d. I Only Have Eyes for You
What is the one thing that your mate thinks he/she is good at?
What food would your mate NEVER order at a restaurant?
Who is more sentimental, you or your mate?
Who does your mate most admire?
Where was your first date with your mate?
If your mate’s home was on fire, what one non-living object would your mate save first?
Your mate has 3 hours of free time, how would he/she spend that time?
If your mate could choose any profession other than his/her own, what would it be?
What was your mate wearing when you first me?
Who said, “I love you” first, you or your mate?
What is your mate’s favorite dessert?
What is your mate’s favorite movie?

TPQ Comment: Kathy, I love this Valentine Couples Party Game. I am hosting a Fondue Couples Valentine Party and this would be great. Thank you for contributing.

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