YaYa Party

by Christi Weems
(Aubrey, TX USA)

Margaritas For Everybody!

Margaritas For Everybody!

Annual YaYa Party
1. Held on Labor Day Weekend
2. Everyone contributes $10 for drinks and clean-up crew.
3. Each year a new flower pin is created to pin on your hat. After a few years, you have a decorative hat with the pins to remember each previous year.
4. Each person brings food to share.
5. Margarita machine for the weekend.
6. The party starts on Friday night and goes until Sunday. No men are allowed.
7. Activites include: girly movies, cards, make-overs, massages, swimming, karoake, temporary tattos, eating, relaxation, and conversation.

TPQ Comment: I wonder where you have this YaYa Party. Is it at a resort? Same one every year? Sounds like a great way to get friends together especially since you have a set date every year. That makes it so much easier to plan around. I find that the hardest thing about doing weekend ladies parties is just trying to schedule it! Thank you for contributing Christi.

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