Chandelier Flippy Cup Drinking Game

by Steven S.
(Boulder, CO)

Game Played With Ping Pong Balls and Solo Cups

Game Played With Ping Pong Balls and Solo Cups

You can play the Chandelier Flippy Cup Drinking Game with three to eight people (anymore than that gets a little tight).

Each player needs a cup (everyone should use the same kind of cup, like a SOLO cup for example), there needs to be one extra cup and you need one ping-pong ball.

The extra cup is filled with beer and placed in the middle of the table, while each player’s cup is placed in front of themselves, surrounding the extra cup. Each player’s cup is filled only about an inch with beer.

One player starts by trying to bounce the ball into any cup but their own. If they make it in another player’s cup, that person drinks their cup, fills up again, and replaces their cup. If they miss, the next person clockwise tries to bounce the ball.

If a player makes it into the middle cup everyone then plays a rushed game of flip cup. To do this, each player will quickly drink what they have in their own cup (the inch of beer), then set their cup down on the edge of the table up right. Each player must then attempt to flip their cup upside down using their fingers. Whoever is last to make it has to drink the full cup of beer in the middle. Then the Chandelier Flippy Cup Drinking Game resets.

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