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When I was in college, I remember playing ALOT of "Quarter Bounce", a college drinking game in which players bounce a quarter off the table and into a shot glass. 30 years later and my daughter and her friends still play it but they call it simply "Quarters."

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Another favorite that my son taught me is called "ABC Animal Game" which can be played with or without beverages. If played with beverages, the person who messes up has to drink.

College drinking games are some of the most creative and beer pong games are at the top of the list. There are several ways to play, but the most common goes something like this:

College Drinking Games
  • Set up a long, narrow table
  • At each end set up 10 cups in a triangle shape as shown here. Fill each with a couple inches of beer.
  • Pair up in teams of two players; four people can play at a time, two at each end
  • Take turns throwing a ping pong ball into cups at the opposite end of the table
  • Each time a ball lands into a cup, the opposing team has to drink the beer and remove the cup from the table
  • The first team to have no cups remaining on the table wins

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Fun drinking games have been around probably as long as alcoholic beverages have. Why? Because they are FUN! You are on this site probably because you like to party so I'll bet you have witnessed or played college drinking games at least once in your lifetime.

Am I right?

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