Drinking Card Games

Looking for a couple beer drinking card games for your next adult get-together? The following ideas will get the party started with plenty of booze and fun to go around.

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Beer Drinking Card Games - Blowing Cards

Many people have played this game so you can find different versions of it floating around the Internet and being used by different people at private parties. The basic idea is to set up a stack of cards and take turns blowing the deck away.

Drinking Card Games

Cards are blown from the top of the deck and there are rules to guide who has to be penalized by a long drink or a shot.

Most games require the person who blows the last card from the deck to drink and others require drinking for those who blow off an ace and get caught. The penalty is one long drink or shot per ace blown from the stack.

You can easily come up with variations on these rules, such as when someone blows over a two they take a shot and pick someone else to do the second shot with them. Aces can equal a shot for everyone playing the game.

It is best to place the stack of cards on something a bit unstable so they are easier to blow. For instance, you might set them over a couple pencils acting like logs or just rest them on top of an empty liquor bottle.

Beer Drinking Card Games - Sucking Cards

This is one of the simplest games. Sit in a circle and take a single card from the deck. Two people get close together and one person places the card against their slightly parted lips, sucking in so the card stays on their mouth without the help of their hands.

Drinking Card Games

The other person has to place their mouth on the other side of the card, sucking in while the other person releases their suction. The goal is to transfer the card from one person to another around and around the circle.

If the card drops the two people involved have to drink. They also might have to kiss, depending on how their mouths are positioned when the card drops. That is what definitely makes this one of the drinking card games for adult parties.

Some clear rules should be set with this game right from the start. For instance, no licking or spitting on the cards. If everyone just sucks in and keeps their tongue inside their mouths, there will be no saliva on the cards as they are passed around.

Sounds kind of disgusting to me but I guess if you use new cards and end up locking lips with someone special, it could be fun I suppose.

More College Drinking Games

Drinking Card Games College Drinking Games

College drinking games can be fun if played safely. Here are a couple to choose from. Use them to come up with your own spin-offs to enjoy at your college blowouts.

Drinking Card Games More Good Drinking Games

Find several more college drinking games here including the favorite "Beer Pong" and links to drinking games submitted by some of our loyal visitors including the favorite "Irish Poker Drinking Game."

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