by Jess

Still Fun After All These Years!

Still Fun After All These Years!

As mentioned above, Quarters (aka Quarter Bounce) has been played on college campuses for years. Here's Jessica's take:

You need two shot glasses (preferably plastic) and as many quarters as there are players. You can have any number of players but the best games are with 4-8 people.

Players sit in a circle. Choose two players to start who are sitting across from each other and set a shot glass in front of each person.

The game starts with these 2 people each trying to bounce their quarter off the table and into the shot glass sitting in front of them. They continue trying until successful.

When a person lands their quarter into the shot glass, they keep their quarter and pass the shot glass to the person on their left. The shot glasses move around the table giving each person a turn.

Eventually the two shot glasses will catch up to each other because some players are faster than others. Generally the person who is passing a shot glass to someone who already has one, slams their glass into the other signifying the end of the round.

The person having two shot glasses in front of them is the loser because they were not able to bounce their quarter into a shot glass fast enough.

The loser must drink but on the next round they get to start first.

This is just one version of the Quarters Drinking Game.

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