Screw The Dealer Card Drinking Game

by Jessica
(Saline, Michigan)

Card Drinking Game For 5-8 Players

Card Drinking Game For 5-8 Players

In this "Screw the Dealer" card drinking game, you can have any number of players but the ideal games are with a group of 5-8 and all you need is a full deck of cards and a playing surface.

This game is best if played with beer. One player ("the dealer") starts with the deck and asks a fellow player to guess a card. The dealer will peek at the top card and let them know if it is higher or lower than their guess.

If the guess is correct on the first try, the dealer must drink two and if the second guess is correct the dealer must drink one. Other variations have ten and five drinks respectively. Some also have the guesser drink one if they don't guess correctly on either try.

The card is then flipped into the middle of the table and cards are lined up from two to Ace, so that every player can see what has already been played. Which ever player gets the deck half way through the game is usually the one who gets "screwed" thus the name Screw The Dealer Drinking Game!

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