Beer Kegerator
Guaranteed to Keep Your Beer Icey Cold

Party Recipes

A beer kegerator is a great appliance to purchase if you are a beer lover or host parties regularly.

For parties, it is so nice not to have to worry about lugging ice in and out of your house. You can be assured of serving perfectly cold beer without the hassle of keeping it on ice.

We particularly like the Edgestar Full Size Stainless Steel Model shown below. It's value-priced and offers features usually reserved for commercial kegerators. You get the benefits (and low price) of a home appliance with the performance, durability, and safety provided by fully commercial draft components.

Go with an Edgestar model, or any of the others shown below, and you will be ready to serve up some icey cold beer at your next party, hassle-free.

Our Favorite Models

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