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How To Make Wine
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If you are new to home winemaking, start by reading this high level description of how to make grape wine (and really any other flavor):


Wine with Carafe
  • Extract juice from grapes by pressing, soaking or crushing them
  • Add sugar, spices and yeast
  • Transfer to a bottle, jar, bucket or pail and cover
  • Store at room temperature for at least one week to allow for the First Period of fermentation
  • Strain the liquid from the pulp and pour the liquid back into the vessel, discarding the pulp
  • Cover and allow a Second Period of fermentation for several weeks but not longer than 8 weeks
  • Repeat the straining process and ferment for a 3rd Period 3-8 weeks, or until the wine has a clear appearance
  • Bottle your homemade wine
  • If the wine isn't to your liking, allow it to age for several months and taste it again

Now that you understand the high level process, obviously you are going to need more details.

The Illustrated Guide to Homemade Wine

When we were researching winemaking, we stumbled across Mike Carraway's ebook entitled The Complete Illustrated Guide to Homemade Wine and were quite impressed with his story. You can read Mike's story on How To Make Wine here or this mini version:

How To Make Wine

Mike had been making wine for 20 years and sharing it with friends and family many of whom asked him how to make it themselves. He created a little book and was giving it away. That little book turned into an offer to teach his first winemaking class at a local brewshop.

Soon he found himself teaching classes regularly which lead to his first on-line endeavor, then more books and videos. Over the years, Mike has helped hundreds of people save thousands of dollars making wine at home.

He says, one person can make 5 gallons of great wine pretty easily. 5 Gallons is 25 bottles at about 49 cents per bottle. In a store these would cost you $15.00 each. You do the math.

If you want to make homemade wine, want it to be drinkable, want it to be appreciated by friends and family, you will need a REAL - NO BS Winemaking GUIDE.

Along with the purchase of Mike's book, you will also get access to several other FREE GUIDES including:

  • 56 Wine Recipes You Can Make
  • How to Make Champagne
  • Viking Mead: Making Wine From Honey
  • How to Get Free Fruit
  • How to Control Acid

We highly recommend getting The Complete Illustrated Guide to Homemade Wine and taking advantage of all of his free guides.

With so much teaching experience, Mike can show you how to make wine properly.

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