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When I was a little girl, my parents used to make wine in our basement. They had a gigantic glass bottle with a stopper that they used during the fermentation process.

When it was ready, they would fill up about 12 empty bottles with this deep-colored grape concoction and store them in a wine rack over our bar. As a young teenager, I remember occasionally "sampling" their homemade wine. Although I was no expert, I thought it was pretty tasty!

For some people, making wine at home is nothing more than a hobby, but for others it is a way of saving serious dough. When you compare the cost of home winemaking supplies with the cost of store bought wines, you will agree that in the long run, making wine at home is fun and cost effective.

Home Winemaking Supplies

How To Make Wine How To Make Wine
When I was looking for a winemaking resource, I stumbled across Mike Carraway's ebook entitled The Complete Illustrated Guide to Homemade Wine. What really caught my eye was this comment: "Everyone, if they knew how, would rather make excellent wine themselves for 49 cents a bottle rather than pay $15/bottle." I started looking around his website and I was hooked. Along with the ebook, he is giving away FOR FREE all sorts of books and videos filled with his 20 years experience! Read More Here.
Wine Making Kits Wine Making Kits
By far, the easiest way to get started making wine at home is to purchase a winemaking kit. They include full instructions, recipes and equipment. We suggest starting with a kit to get a feel for the process then you can venture out on your own, creating your own recipes. Check out our favorite Winemaking Kits.
Make Your Own Wine Labels Make Your Own Wine Labels And Hang Tags
If you are serious about making wine at home, you will want to label your bottles. You can either make your own wine labels using Microsoft Powerpoint or you can create personalized labels and hang tags using an on-line service such as Read about both options here.
Make A Wine Cellar Make a Wine Cellar
So I heard about this guy, Chris Miley from Sydney, who made his own wine cellar then wrote an ebook about it. I decided to check out his website and found all sorts of interesting information and photos. You will not only learn how to build a wine cellar but his ebook includes a lot of important information about wine gained only from years of experience. Get more info and see wine cellar pictures here.

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