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Inexpensive Cheese Wine
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Theme Party Queen visitors, this is where you get to tell us about your great food finds.

Inexpensive Cheese Wine

Entertaining does not have to be expensive if you keep it simple and choose food and drinks that taste great but don't break the bank.

Have you come across a particularly good inexpensive wine, say $15.00 or less?

How about an inexpensive cheese that pairs particularly well with a wide range of wines? Do you have a favorite cracker or another type of food that goes well with wine?

Party people are always looking for great food finds so please share below.

And, don't forget to check out our Wine Tasting Party webpage where you will find everything needed to host a party including types of wine tastings, a free wine score card, a wine-cheese pairing table and wine accessories.

Won't You Please Share?

Do you have an inexpensive wine or cheese you can recommend to the rest of us?

What Other Wine Lovers Have Said

Ideas For Inexpensive Wine and Cheese Start Here...

14 Hands Cabernet from Washington State 
For wines similar to "2 Buck Chuck" try Oak Leaf Wines, especially their Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay mix. At $2.97 a bottle how can you go wrong? Another favorite …

Good Cheese Not rated yet
At supermarkets "cheese balls" found in the special cheese section are already prepared and are usually inexpensive or you could make your own? just Google …

Best Shiraz Not rated yet
Our visitor, Christine, recommends Bin 555. I Googled around a bit to see what I could find out about this wine recommendation and I found this description …

Best Wine Club Not rated yet
WineShop At Home has a Wine club that will send you two or four bottles of wine delivered to your home. When you sign-up you get a FREE bottle of wine …

Champagne Cheese Not rated yet
My father-in-law shared a cheese find with us that I just love. I have only seen this cheese at Meijer stores in the Michigan and Illinois areas but it …

Brie Baked With Pecans and Brown Sugar Not rated yet
A perfect accompaniment for your favorite wine, Brie Baked With Pecans and Brown Sugar will soon become a favorite. Wrap a round of Brie cheese in pie …

Port Salut Goes Well with 2 Buck Chuck Not rated yet
I have a French Canadian friend who turned me on to Port Salut cheese. It's a soft, buttery cheese that can be spread on crackers. It's on the milder …

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